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management HASAN FARMANI
ALVAND blow molding machines: ALVAND machinery company was established with the vision of introducing high quality Blow molding machines to domestic & overseas markets. Quality of products & services are the number one priority, as customer satisfaction has been the core focus of the company. Innovation and economical machine solutions with high productivity for customized packaging. Currently the focus of company is on high precision & sophisticated mono-layer to multi layer PE/PP blow molding machine ranging from 5ml to 220lit, suiting for
packaging of petroleum , chemical products toys , cosmetics , pharmaceutical and food products. These machines are customized based on applicable industries and exact customer requirements. Main components like extrusion units, screwmdie head and clamping units are designed in iran by highly qualified engineers based on industry standards and passing rig our testing. All manufacturing processes and material sourcing are strictly controlled under international procedure at standard.



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